We Believe Timelapes

We Believe - Aarhus and London was a major interactive light installation connecting two iconic Arne Jacobsen buildings, The Embassy of Denmark in London and Aarhus City Hall Tower in Denmark, to celebrate European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017

The project perfectly encapsulated the spirit of European collaboration and cultural exchange. From a control room on a rooftop in Aarhus, members of the public were able to illuminate the architecture of the two buildings. Audiences controlled individual light sections using a series of interactive devices - turning dials, pressing buttons and more, thereby creating a 3D playable structure so that the two buildings were involved in a symbolic conversation as the audiences interacted. The more people played, the more alive and vivid the buildings became. Both buildings are power structures and the aesthetics of the control room, as well as access to it, was essential to the project.

A webcam was placed at the Danish Embassy enabling participants and audiences in Aarhus to follow the interaction on screens in the control room. As people changed the colours on the City Hall in Aarhus, The Royal Danish Embassy in London mirrored the interaction in a dance of light and colour, becoming a beacon to visualise European dialogue and culture.

We Believe explores how culture, architecture, technology and participation can intersect to shape the future of our cities. The project is designed to tour - get in touch to commission the work, to show in your city.

Software by Tarim.
Engineering by Martin King.
Photographer Jakob Lerche.

Commissioned by Association Hidden Places.
Supported by The European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017
The Embassy of Denmark in London
The Municipality of Aarhus.
Light manufacture: SGM Lights A/S
Light supplier: Vigsø A/S