About Tine Bech photo
Tine is a multidisciplinary artist who creates innovative interactive projects which excite and inspire people around the world.

Born in Denmark, Tine Bech now lives and works in London. Tine creates interactive and playable projects where human experiences are at the centre. Her work transforms environments and human behaviour through the creative possibilities of play and game making. She places the audience at the centre of her works, creating open systems, structures, and spaces where participation, curiosity, and communication takes place. Much of her work seamlessly incorporates new technologies, reflecting the way that they are increasingly integral to the human condition and the world around us.

Despite living in an age which seems to offer unlimited forms of media communication, we still fundamentally crave a human connection, to find expression in community and in dialogue. Tine is interested in how this can be achieved through play, through the creation of a particular environment, and by recognising and exploring the ways that technology has informed our social behaviours.

Tine Bech’s artistic vision is to explore how culture, technology and play intersect to shape the future of our cities. “I believe cities need creative collaborative spaces, in unexpected places, that inspire participation and communication,” says Tine.

Tine’s work has been presented in numerous museums and venues, as well as many other public sites and contexts, both in the UK and internationally.
Dr. Tine Bech research explores playful culture and how to develop and design interactive and playable spaces where the human experience is at the centre. Read about Tine's PhD research.
Gallery and Museum’s exhibitions
Tine’s work has been presented both nationally and internationally in venue such as: The Whitworth (2016 UK, Manchester), Banbury Museum (2016), Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2015), Finnish Institute London (2016), Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK (2014, 2012, and 2010), China Science & Technology Museum, China (2012), The Science Museum London, UK (2011), SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, LA, USA (2016 and 2010), James Hockey Gallery, UK (2012) Royal Cornwall Museum (2008), Arthall Aarhus, Denmark (2006 and 2002), Trøndelag Center of Contemporary Arts, Norway (2005), Royal British Sculpture Gallery (UK 2005) as well as many other public sites and contexts.

Commissions & Public Art
Tine Bech Studio has completed commissions from European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 with Association Hidden Places, Light City, Baltimore MD (2018), Cambridge e-Luminate Festival (2017), Shakespeare’s New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK (2016), Culture24, UK (2016), Creative Barking and Dagenham UK (2016), London Bridge Live Art, UK (2015), Public Art Canary Wharf Group, UK (2018 and 2015), Curated Places, Manchester, UK (2014), Production with Orchestre de Picardie France and Royal Opera House (2015), The Playable City Recife Brazil, British Council, Watershed (2014), London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, UK (2011), Visit Reykjavik, Iceland (2014), REACT Play Sandbox, Bristol UK, (2015), University of Surrey, UK (2014), Bristol Council Enterprise Zone and Watershed, UK (2013), Guildford Castle, UK (2012), Illuminate Bath, UK (2012), Locws International (2010 Wales), Farnham Creates, UK (2008) Kulturnat Aarhus, DK (2007) and many more.

In 2015 she was awarded an Innovate Voucher from the UK Technology Strategy Board and has previously been selected for the Cultural Leadership Programme Method – artists leading through their practice. She is also linked to the leading media innovation lab Pervasive Media Studio at Watershed. She has received support from: British Council (2015), AHRC Knowledge Hub: REACT Play Sandbox (2015), Creativeworks London Creative Entrepreneur in Residence (2016), Kulturpujlen Aarhus (2006, 2002), a well as residencies at Artscape, Toronto, Canada (2008).

Speaker engagements
Tine has shared her passion and experience at conferences including SIGGRAPH, US (2016), CounterPlay Conference, Denmark (2016), Cambridge Play Conference (2017), Porto Digital, Brazil (2014), Future of Play, Finnish Institute London (2016), Edinburgh International Science Festival (2015), Wearable Futures forum, London (2014), The House of Commons, The Crafts Council, (London 2011), Making The City Playable Conference, Bristol (2014), EU CyberParks initiative (2015) and Dorkbot London (2015), Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, Norway (2005).