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Tine Bech Studio is a facilitator of innovative thinking, merging art and design with the digital language of technology to create stunning visual projects.

Tine Bech Studio strives to create experiences that consider culture, audience interaction, and physical space. We use technology and play and game making to engage people with each other and with places. Our work fits public spaces, museums and galleries, light festivals, business places, private sector workspaces, and private homes.

We believe culture creates communities and that art is for anyone and that art belongs everywhere.

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Tine Bech is a multidisciplinary artist who creates innovative interactive projects which excite and inspire people around the world.

Born in Denmark, Dr. Tine Bech now lives and works in London where she creates interactive and playable projects where human experiences are at the centre. Her work transforms environments and human behaviour through the creative possibilities of play making and technology. Tine’s work has been presented in numerous museums and venues, as well as many other public sites and contexts, both in the UK and internationally.

Working with programmers, electronic engineers, fabricators, and architects in the creative process, Tine creates projects that place the human experience at the centre of our interactions with space, place and technology.