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Tine Bech is multidisciplinary artist and researcher. Born in Denmark, she currently lives and works in London where she creates innovative interactive projects which excite and inspire people around the world. Her work explores the potential for transforming environments and human behaviour through the creative possibilities of play and game-making. She places the audience at the centre of her works, creating open systems, structures and spaces where participation, curiosity and communications are essential facets of the experience. Much of her work seamlessly incorporates new technologies reflecting the way that it is increasingly integral to the human condition and the world around us.

Her work has been created and staged in a wide variety of public contexts, both in the UK and internationally: from bridges and bike rides, to theatres and museums. Through the Tine Bech Studio in London she creates large-scale public artworks, interactive spaces, wearable designs, and social games, in response to commissions from museums, galleries, and theatres, businesses and development bodies.